SimpleMag Update Log

Update v2.1.1, August 09, 2013

IMPORTANT! How to Update to 2.1.1!
If you updating the theme from the previous version to 2.1.1, first navigate to Theme Options, Backup Options tab and click on the Backup Options button. Delete the previous version, install version 2.1.1, then navigate to Backup Options again and click on the Restore Options button.

- Fix: pages displaying wrong sidebar

Update v2.1, August 08, 2013

- This version comes with some improvements and code updates.
- Fixed wrong fields in Theme Options, Social Profiles
- Shortcodes Plugin is updated, please delete the previous version and install the new one.

Update v2.0, July 30, 2013

New Features:
- Sidebar with Page Composer
- Switch between Masonry (default) and Classic Blog layout for “Latest Posts” section and all Categories
- Slider position for categories: Full Width or Above The Content (if you enable the sidebar)
- Custom Slider section in Page Composer
- Title/Text section in Page Composer
- Static Image (previously Image Banner) now have more fields
- Code Box (previously Code Banner) now have more fields
- Media Position can now be defined per post: Full Width or Above The Content
- Sidebar can be Enabled or Disabled per post
- Social Icons in top strip. Can be configured from Theme Options → Social Profiles tab
- Excerpt length can be changed from Theme Options (default 24 words)
- More fonts in Typography dropdown
- Added ?rel=author query to Google+ profile link in author box. You can synchronize you Google+ profile with your site
- iPad landscape view show the site as on the desktop
- Comments for static pages. Can be Enabled or Disabled from Theme Options → General Settings tab.
- New option to center the social icons in “About The Site” widget.
- Minor CSS and JS fixes and improvements
- Updated Child Theme. In case you already using it, save your code and then install the new child theme version.

Before posting questions in the forum, please read the updated documentation.

If you made changes to theme core files:
In this version almost all files of the theme were changed and updated, new files were created.

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