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Having problems. 1 SimpleMag
what size should my images be when using composer page custom slider 3 SimpleMag
Homepage set-up 1 SimpleMag
Full Width Latest Posts by Category Page 3 SimpleMag
Strange content width 4 SimpleMag
background and text color for featured post section 1 SimpleMag
Broken Upgrade 1 SimpleMag
SimpleMag 3.0 showcases 12 SimpleMag
Mobile Menu is not working 7 SimpleMag
How to add my own font? 20 SimpleMag
Bug in footer link – single quotes doesn't fix 3 SimpleMag
3.0 Problem With Homepage Layout 7 SimpleMag
Is there a way to change the layout like this?? 2 SimpleMag
Posts Slider Selections Vanished 10 SimpleMag
Mega menu dropdown – Increasing post title size 5 SimpleMag
Can I have the CSS code for Making Images fit w/out filler. Taking vid,audio,sli 2 SimpleMag
Remove Zoom Effects on all posts 2 SimpleMag
List Layout for Categories and Tags 3 SimpleMag
Modifications to Block Quote 3 SimpleMag
Image perfect size for Classic List layout on homepage 6 SimpleMag
Centering the 'Archive' dropdown menu 3 SimpleMag
Remove Border Lines 3 SimpleMag
Gallery post dimensions changed 2 SimpleMag
Image dimensions for homepage slider – full width 2 SimpleMag
Image Size Classic Blog 9 SimpleMag
Tagline, small customizing 2 SimpleMag
COMPLETE list of Problems (v3.0) 7 SimpleMag
Translate help and delete "View the category" 5 SimpleMag
Adding Instagram to social media profiles 2 SimpleMag
Double line at bottom of post + Mobile menu still not working 4 SimpleMag
Resize pictures in Classic Blog layout + Mobile view 10 SimpleMag
Admin Panel 3.0 failed after update… 3 SimpleMag
Homepage post image & details 3 SimpleMag
Disable slider only on mobile? 3 SimpleMag
shortcodes-indep-fallback/init.php on line 25 12 SimpleMag
Some changes I need to do 3 SimpleMag
Remove DropCap from first sentence letter 5 SimpleMag
3.0 Ratings Not Working 4 SimpleMag
Have Slide Dock Appear Earlier on Page? 6 SimpleMag
Column Menu not working 7 SimpleMag
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