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What kind of code can I insert in ad unit? 1 SimpleMag
2 Issues with the New Theme 6 SimpleMag
Typography and Mobile 5 SimpleMag
Shortcodes 4 SimpleMag
New Update Changes… 1 SimpleMag
Featured image being cut off 2 SimpleMag
I am new to Simple Mag. How do I create Sliders? 7 SimpleMag
Unable to choose posts from the slider in composer 4 SimpleMag
V.3 – Galleries, font size and separators 7 SimpleMag
Single Post Changes – V3 1 SimpleMag
Images not loading on mobile 2 SimpleMag
Problem with ads when putting ads code in your Ad Units – V.3 3 SimpleMag
Archive layout 3 SimpleMag
Dear Customers! 1 SimpleMag
HTTP error 9 SimpleMag
Updated to 3.0. Homepage issues: missing slider & can't get ride of sidebar 2 SimpleMag
Slider overlapping sidebar after newest update 4 SimpleMag
Media Position 2 SimpleMag
Image size simplemag v3 2 SimpleMag
Size h6 3 SimpleMag
Problem in chrome (browser width more than 1920px, disappears texts) 9 SimpleMag
How to disable sidebar on homepage with the layout v.3 2 SimpleMag
How to: Full size single posts on homepage 5 SimpleMag
Analytics not working since the update in 3.0 6 SimpleMag
My ability to go to the next page of posts on homepage stopped working. 4 SimpleMag
Large areas of whitespace on Nexus 5 2 SimpleMag
Can't download update 3 SimpleMag
Show Case your SimpleMag site here. 1 2 3 4 154 SimpleMag
V3 CSS and other issues 14 SimpleMag
SimpleMag 3.0 is available for download!!! 1 SimpleMag
Missing Titles: Comment Form 2 SimpleMag
Where is the 3.0 demo? 1 SimpleMag
3.0 issues 4 SimpleMag
Themeforest Simplemag update mail 1 SimpleMag
bunch of questions about V.3.0 7 SimpleMag
Size images normal pages 3 SimpleMag
Contact Email? 5 SimpleMag
Theme Appearance as I purchased it… 2 SimpleMag
Using shortcodes in Theme Editor 5 SimpleMag
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