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Adding content to category pages 13 SimpleMag
Twitter share 6 SimpleMag
Remove dates from specific catagory 3 SimpleMag
Remove related post from single.php 3 SimpleMag
A customized home page and paginated page 4 SimpleMag
Sticky Menu 4 SimpleMag
how to remove (or change) the doble lines 4 SimpleMag
Images not appearing/ appearing very slowly 3 SimpleMag
delete box around search 3 SimpleMag
How to Disable Mobile Responsiveness 23 SimpleMag
Moving the location of comments 3 SimpleMag
Shortcodes missing and Double SEO Titles 5 SimpleMag
SLIDER clickable for every spot on it. 6 SimpleMag
Theme options deleted 3 SimpleMag
Show Case your SimpleMag site here. 1 2 3 112 SimpleMag
Redundant Latest Post Story 3 SimpleMag
Removing feature image from 2nd,3rd, etc. blog pages 3 SimpleMag
update 21 SimpleMag
problem with masonry posts 14 SimpleMag
Couple of website adjustments 8 SimpleMag
Error on posting website link on facebook 6 SimpleMag
Customizing the theme further 2 SimpleMag
Turn on comments 3 SimpleMag
How can I enable comments for static pages? 5 SimpleMag
Theme is not showing properly on lilyleung.com 3 SimpleMag
Adding a fourth page 2 SimpleMag
Simple Mag – Multisite install 3 SimpleMag
Ad placement 6 SimpleMag
Category Descriptions Not Showing 2 SimpleMag
"Related Posts" function is not working for my site? 3 SimpleMag
Blog/Classic View on Category Layout 9 SimpleMag
Slides "click on the image and be directed to the link" 3 SimpleMag
Excerpt Displaying Plugin Content 7 SimpleMag
Sidebar Disappears from one of the Static Pages 13 SimpleMag
Removing the 2 Lines for Page/Post Titles 3 SimpleMag
Remove Featured Image (On Some Occasions) 10 SimpleMag
Font colours & mega menu background 6 SimpleMag
Dashed lines for the sidebar and above and below the categories 3 SimpleMag
Text disappear for a moment when scrolling 8 SimpleMag
headers show / hide 3 SimpleMag
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